Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Music This Week At Roadrunner

This Wednesday will be Jon's last open mic until October. The wonderful rain and wind and 50 degree days are calling him back to the gorge... If there is enough interest, we'll continue the open mic to the middle of June. Jon's protege Giles will handle the sound duties for us.
Dinner is pork chops, mashed potatoes and some other stuff but I forgot what all Mayte told me. It'll be good, trust me. Rumor has it that our new young singer from Santiago is returning.

FRIDAY: The Revolving Door consisting of Big Jim, Jon and Bob will play their last gig for the season. We will also have some guest musicians including Ed on harmonica. For dinner will are serving our hamburgers with hand made patties. I wouldn't try and cast doubt on our friends over in Buzzards Cantina but these are real good hamburgers. Several types to choose from. Same as Wednesday night: dinner at 6, music at 7. Please call 124-8038 for reservations. Remember to tell us which event you will be attending.

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