Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Live Music and Breakfast Buffet Right Here in Los Barriles!!

Come on in for our first live music Sunday of the new season. Our new friends, Jeff and Julie will be performing this Sunday the 14th. (They aren't actually Cuban as the illustration depicts but I don't have their picture and I like the illustration.) They will cover various artists like James Taylor, The Eagles, Loggins and Messina and others and play a few original pieces. The buffet will include a bunch of good stuff plus a free Mimosa! If you come before 8:30am, you can order off the regular menu.

The buffet will start at 9; the music starts at 10. Join us for a fun morning with live music and good food all for 150 pesos!
More info: 624-156-2820

Monday, October 8, 2012

Open Mic is Back!

Are you ready for some music? Roadrunner Cafe Open Mic will officially start on Halloween this year. Some of our local talent will be here plus I know of some visitors that will probably come. We will follow the same schedule as before: dinner at 6, music at 7 to 9:30. Also, we will continue to support the East Cape Guild's education program. Come join us for the best entertainment on the East Cape!

Dinner Reservations: 124-8038
Open mic questions: 624-156-2820