Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 East Cape Guild Scholarship Class

I have a couple of comments before you read this reprint of the East Cape Guild Newsletter. We are blessed and grateful for a community that understands the importance of an education. The Guild has helped hundreds of local kids make their way through high school. It's hard enough just getting through school without having to figure out how to pay for it!! Our partnership with the great musicians that perform at Open Mic and our generous customers has been able to help the Guild help the kids. Is that cool or what? Special thanks go to Joe Flower who "passes the hat" literally each week. His speaking ability makes it clear what we are trying to achieve! Thanks to all of you who make this happen. This is one of those places where the rubber hits the road.

This October, Roadrunner Cafe & Bakery, 1st Open Mic for the 2014 season. BE THERE!

These happy students received their 2013/2014 scholarship certificates at the Scholarship Award Ceremony on May 18, 2013. A total of 137 students were awarded becas. Although 2012 was our most successful fundraising year, and we used surplus funds from previous years, we were not able to fund all 161 qualified students. This is due largely to the 43% increase in tuition instituted by the Federal government last February. Also, transportation costs are up in all the towns and the dollar has weakened against the peso. We have taken steps to exchange as many dollars into pesos prior to future weakening. The Guild’s standard has always been that only grades of 8, 9 or 10 will result in qualification, but because of the shortage of funds we had to deny students who received a GPA of 8.5 or less. This is the first time in five years that the Guild has not been able to fund all qualified students. The increase in tuition will impact many students in the community including many who are not quite eligible for the Guild scholarships.

2013 fundraising has improved with a total of $22.735.00 raised year to date. The Baja Ha Ha Golf Tournament and Bocce Ball were very financially successful (as well as fun), both raising more money than ever before. The Roadrunner Cafe Open Mic Night has been very successful, raising over $9800 so far
this year. We thank them very much for their support. You can also support students by becoming a member of the Los Barriles Country Club by buying two beer koozies for $5 or 60 pesos.
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Mengia Obermuller was a very involved member of the East Cape Guild and of the community in general. After her death the Guild decided to honor her memory by awarding a special award to the becado who has demonstrated the most outstanding level of community service. This is a
1200 peso cash award which is given to the student to use in any way he or she sees fit. We hope that this will encourage a higher level of community service among our young people. Iris Briseida Acevedo Cota from El Campamento was the first recipient of this award.