Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Roadrunner Presents: New Reeper Off-Road 4x4

Roadrunner Cafe presents the new Reeper 4x4! Aldo Favio, owner of Dunes, Tours and Travel, will demo 2 models of the Reeper this Thursday the 20th starting at 11AM. Come check these things out. They look good but I haven't driven one yet.

Roadrunner will have breakfast specials along with the regular menu items. Not hungry for a full breakfast? How about a fresh pastry and the best coffee in town? We also have free WiFi for our customers.

Remember: Here at Roadrunner, we GUARANTEE same day service.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spider in the Kitchen!

The rain was great, the air is freshened and the the countryside is turning emerald green for the first time in a few years. However, there are always unexpected side affects. I got a phone call the other day from the bakery. Donna explained in her best controlled voice that she had a large spider in her kitchen. She wondered if I would like to see it and get it the heck out!! It was very docile; probably was hoping for a warm place to live. Well, the rain was done and we figured he could live outside just fine. Here is our temporary guest spider before she was returned to the wild.