We have a nice community. Why is that? It's because of people who care about having a nice community. Simple right? They don't just absorb what is here, they add value. Somebody keeps a vollyball game going. Someone else organizes bike rides. Your favorite restaurant sponsors a 5k run. Your favorite pub puts up Super Bowl boards and adds prizes. How about the new police substation at North Beach? It's there  because of the efforts of a concerned citizen who got'er done!! Maybe you would like to help out somehow but don't know where to start. Start here!!  I've compiled a list of volunteer organizations here in Los Barriles. It is very incomplete but I'm familiar with these clubs and many of their members. They welcome volunteers. Each website has a donation button on the home page. The East Cape Guild is not so clear so I've included a direct link to their donation page.

Let's start with the Rotary. Just like in the states, they tackle practical things that get overlooked. Now having said that, my favorite thing that they have accomplished is our beautiful fountain at the entrance to Los Barriles! Practical?  Wellllll.... But everybody I know is happy it's there. I spend a lot of time right across the street at my wife's restaurant.  I can't tell you how many visitors have taken their pictures in front of our fountain.  It's world famous!!!

The Association for the Arts has been active here for many years. They offer  various workshops and classes year around. They do soccer camps, swim instruction, art in various media and writing courses. When our granddaughter Melody was here, she taught swimming lessons at one of their "Cursos de Verano."

If you're an animal lover, we have our own Humane society called Alma Humanitaria. They have done a fantastic job of cleaning up stray animals in and around Los Barriles. They are educating the public, sponsoring free spay and neuter clinics and their adoption program is so successful that they have people calling from Canada and the US asking for dogs and cats to adopt. Great job!!

The East Cape Health Center started like so many other organizations: with the dream of a concerned resident. They now have a doctor and staff, and good equipment. They have come to aid of many of us including yours truly many times.

And finally, the East Cape Guild. I personally have a soft spot for the Guild's scholarship program. Mexican kids have to pay their way through high school. In the past, many of the kids in outlying areas quit school at that level because there wasn't enough money.  The Guild has a program where the kids can apply for a scholarship and if accepted, have their schooling paid. The future of Mexico rests in the hands of some of these kids.
Donations: Click here for the direct link.