Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sister Mary at Open Mic

I think we are getting close to the end of our open mic Wednesdays for the season. This week for sure and we'll announce them in the BPE and here after that. This last Wednesday we didn't have a lot of musicians so it was fun for those who were there. We all got to play a bunch more! Pete (sorry Pete,forgot your last name) played mandolin for the first time with us. My favorite sister in law in the whole country, Mary, also came and sang. Here's Mary singing "The High Shelf Booze." It's an old blues tune from way back in the alley. Playing with her are: Big Jim on bass fiddle, Kay on percussion, Rio on guitar and Pete on mandolin. By the way Mary has only been playing guitar and singing for a couple of years. I'm real proud of her. (please forgive the voices in the background and the shaky camera action, I got distracted)

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