Open Mic!!!

The Roadrunner Cafe hosts open mic music every Wednesday between the months of October and June. This is not karaoke; it's live music with real musicians. This is truly the weekly event that you don't want to miss.  Click to see what "The Baja Citizen" said about it.

Check out some of our musicians on our YouTube Channel. There is everything from Bluegrass to Opera!

Three year old Anjoli Pope singing "Oh Susanna" is my personal favorite.

Dinner is available each week along with drinks and desserts. The menu is announced weekly in the Baja Pony Express. If you are a musician and want to participate, show up around 6 and put your name on the list. If you have specific questions, call the number below. Leave a message if I'm not available. There is limited seating so it's a good idea to get there early.  Dinner is served at 6pm; the music will start before 7 and end around 9:30.

Call for dinner reservations:  124-8038

Please Read This:

Open Mic Contributions to the East Cape Guild:
In the past I had several customers ask why we didn't put out a tip jar. I didn't see the sense in collecting tips for random musicians each week. Seemed like a lot of hassle for a few pesos. My friend/sound guy and bandmate Jon Cyparski pointed out that tipping was the opportunity for the spectators to be involved. So we put our heads together and decided to take up a collection each week and donate the money to the East Cape Guild. They have a program in place to give scholarships to local kids so that they can continue their education. This is purely voluntary; if you want to help Mexican kids go to school, here's your chance. Our first year, 2012, the fine customers of Roadrunner Open Mic donated close to $8000 dollars US or $100,000 pesos Mexican. The kids pay about $5000 pesos each for a year of high school.

The following information is from the Guild. If you have an interest in helping out, let me know and I'll give you a contact.

East Cape Guild
Oldest Non-Profit on East Cape
Established 8-9-97
Joined ICF April 4, 2007
Established Amigos de Becados 2007
Area covered Las Casitas to El Cardinal to El Triunfo
1998 awarded six scholarships
2012 148 scholarships

To qualify
    Birth Certificate
    Letter of recommendation from non family member
    Verification of school attendance
    Letter in Spanish & English requesting scholarship
    Grades no less than an 8  (out of 10)
    Family situation & income
    Our high standards have not lowered even when we had more money than needed.
    >Until 2009 scholarships awarded based on force choice ranking - grades and financial need.
     >All qualified students were awarded 2009 91, 2010 113, 2011 138, 2012 148
     >Over 1000 scholarships have been given to date.

Award ceremony in May

Note:   The Mexican government paid only through 6th grade until 5-7 years ago.
Now only through 9th grade.  There is talk in the legislature of paying through high school.
According to Mexican law the Guild by charter is non-political

Students must pay for needs:
    bus fare
    uniforms & supplies
    lunch money
    memory sticks

    Bocce Ball Tourney
    Fashion Show
    Monte Carlo Night
    Baja Ha Ha Golf Tournament

Meet monthly on third Weds at 11:00
Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov