Monday, February 27, 2012

Open Mic 22 Feb 2012

This is Gavin Goodrich playing. He is 12 years old.

As you know, part of our restaurant's reputation centers around music. We've had many guest performers on Sundays and various evenings and we do the open mic every wednesday night during the "season." I'm a musician and I can't cook. So I especially enjoy the open mic.

Last Wednesday was especially entertaining. Not only did we have country AND western, we had bluegrass. We had jazz. We had nice contemporary original music by Jess Clemons. We had classical piano. We had oldies. We had 60's. WE HAD REGGAE. No kidding real, good reggae. Ok that's it right?? Look I'm not overstating how good of a night of music this was. If you weren't there, ask somebody who was. But wait, there's MORE. We had an honest to goodness OPERA piece. And it was unbelievable. Laura who never leaves us thinking, "oh I've heard THAT song a hundred times" sang an opera piece that I don't know the name of but trust me when I tell you that it was really good.
Here are links to a couple more videos: Laura
Jess Clemons
 If you like good, reasonably priced meals and/or live music, join us on Wednesday evenings. Make a reservation; if you come late you may have to stand in the parking lot.
For reservations: 124-8038
If you want info about performing call: Bob 624-156-2820 cell

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