Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Open Mic for Jan 4, 2012

This Wednesday's open mic has the potential to be real good. Besides our regulars, there will most likely be some visitors like the young man Colin who wowed us last week.  There's a good chance that one or two of our seasonal regulars will be coming.  Dan from la Ribera said he would try to come. 
You musicians who come, please keep in mind that Kay won't be there to track the list. I will be doing it. So be patient.
Other than the good music, Donna and Mayte have a nice Jalisco style Mexican combo plate planned for dinner.  It will include: Chicken, potatoes, rice, a quesadilla and soup. All for 120 pesos. Drinks and desserts are available also.
Dinner starts at 6, music before 7. Join us for a fun evening of good music, good conversation and good food. 
Reservations: 124-8038 If your Spanish is questionable, say 'reservations' or ask for Gloria

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